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5 Requirements of Mobile App Development

You’re all well aware that developing apps for a mobile environment is a completely different task than desktop application development. If you’ve made steps toward making your organization/business better through the introduction of mobile apps and the mobilization of core business processes this is something of your interest.

Mobile apps must be designed to function across a wide spectrum of mobile environments. An app designed to run on a private WiFi network with free range access to the corporate network, for example, can run into performance issues when end user access the file from outside the company’s facilities.

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ERP Software Integration Platform or Custom Coding: What’s Best?

When it comes to enterprise application integration, there’s two different points of view when it comes to approach. While some businesses choose to build their own sync through careful coding software development, the emergence of the ERP software integration platform has begun to make the need for that type of solution redundant. While some businesses think that creating their own solution may be cheaper, faster or more secure, that’s usually not going to be the case. Here’s a few reasons why you you should consider an ERP software integration platform first.

It’s important to underline the fact that business process management within a company should always be dynamic and evolving. After all, your business should never be the same at the end of every day. Sure, that statement seems pretty much intuitive. Yet it often gets forgotten when businesses are deciding on an integration solution. A certain integration structure won’t work for the entire lifetime a business.

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